Just had a six month check-up. The Dr. asked me about my health and the medications I’ve been taking. He asked about my diet and exercise. He was satisfied with my diet report but not so with my exercise report which is less than adequate. He then informed me that it was time to change my less than adequate exercise activities. I was smilng through all this, shaking my head, agreeing with him, etc. Long story short….he actually wrote me a prescription for 30 minutes of daily exercise!!!  Can you belieive it?  He went on to say that if I was going to see him in another six months that he was going to get after me to be sure I was “taking my medication”.  In my mind I’m thinking, “Are you kidding me?”  But I knew he wasn’t. Then he brought  up my age (I’m not telling yet) and how as we get older our bodies don’t get rid of excess fat like we did when we were 30 or 4o years old. (No kidding)  I said that if I did that I’d need a new belt. (I was implying that my pants would be a bit too big). But then He looked at my belly and said, “A new belt won’t help that!”    I responded, “Well, do you have a pill for it?” (I can make funny, too)   Now I’m wondering of he’s going to call me every week to hold me accountable. Man,  talk about having to change.  It’s just not fair!   Why did I have to get this Doctor???

     So let me ask you.  How’s your health?  Honestly? Is there something, or some things that may need changed? What about your spiritual health? If you went to see Dr. Jesus, what “prescriptions” would He need to write for you? If you are willing and able to admit to needing change, what do you need to do improve your life? When will you start?

     At our denominational minister’s retreat last week, our featured speaker made this statement our retreat’s theme:  “CHANGE BEFORE YOU HAVE TO”.   Think about it dear friend. Getting healthy may not be all that difficult. STAYING HEALTHY takes intentional effort whether for your body or for your soul. Both areas of your life are valuable and important. Many things and people are affected by your health. How valuable and important are those things and people to you? Are they valuable and important enough to “change before you have to”?

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