Bite me instead

My three oldest grandchildren have accepted Jesus into their hearts, a fact that thrills this Grandma’s heart! But to see His love played out in their young lives…Well that’s the greatest gift I could ever receive.


“Jack, watch your brother, I have to go inside for a minute.” Jack

Baby Noah and Jack continued to play in the yard as their mom stepped into the house for a quick errand. Their mom returned outside in time to see nine year old Jack pushing his one year old brother out of a fire ant hill where he plopped down after toddling about the yard on his unsteady legs.

Jack stood in the anthill, oblivious to their stinging bites as he brushed them off his little brother.

Noah only got two bites, and though they  itched, he got back up and happily went on his curious, little baby-explorer way.

Noah in a swingJack on the other hand received numerous bites before he was able to brush the ants off himself. He thought he got them all, but several minutes later, he continued to feel new stinging bites.

Wisely, Mom instructed Jack to get in the shower quickly and wash himself off. Apparently the tiny red ants crawled into Jack’s hair where they were invisible to the eye, but continued to sting him. Needless to say, Jack’s care for his little brother carried an uncomfortable price tag for himself.


What a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for us! He rescued us from our sinful choices which would have led to pain or death and  took our punishment on Himself.

When you find yourself sitting in life’s fire ant hill, experiencing the sting of sin and death, call out to Jesus your elder brother. He will be there to help!

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