De-cluttering our spiritual lives

The real estate agent toured the house, giving us lots of positive feedback. The rooms were large. A hardwood floor lurked under the carpeting and the plaster walls were in great shape. It was in a good country location on three quarters of an acre with a garage and outbuilding. Yes, the house had a good chance of selling even in a depressed real estate market.

The next step was to get the house picture ready.I groaned as she outlined all that must be done. Clear the counters. Empty the kitchen so people could see how big it was. Take the family photos off the walls, stash the knick-knacks.Take out all but the most essential pieces of furniture. Oh my, Dan and I had our work cut out for us!

Even the cosmetic cleaning  was a huge task! I wanted to sit down in the middle of the kitchen floor and cry – I felt so overwhelmed as we began to tackle  the task of sorting through over 50 years of accumulated  stuff.  But the clock was ticking. So I sucked in a deep breath of air and got to work.

An old Gospel booklet called, “My Heart, Christ’s Home” uses a similar illustration to show the work Christ does when He comes into a life to  claim and restore it. He clears out all the clutter – all the attitudes, fears, failures and sins until the place is spotless and fit for Him to occupy. He even cleans the hall closet where all our deepest secrets have hidden for years.

But even the Lord recognizes the fact that we humans tend to be junk collectors at heart. After our hearts are clean, renovated and ready for His presence, they require a daily straightening up to keep them fit for habitation. It’s so easy to begin hauling the clutter back in!  A little fear here, a little doubt there. Soon,  the dust of depression settles over it all. Yuck!

It takes constant effort on our part with the Lord’s help to keep our heart houses in good condition and clutter free. Spending time with Him on a daily basis will help as He continues to work with us to become the people He knows we can be – with lives uncluttered by the things, the attitudes and the cares of this world.

So look around. What does your heart house look like?Let Jesus Christ and Company come in and haul out the clutter to help you get and keep your heart in good spiritual condition.

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