When you look at the word vacation, I’m sure there are numerous pictures that come up in your mind. Sunny beaches, quiet cabins, cruises, family, camping, etc., are just a few. But look at the word itself. It looks like a variation of the word “vacate”. If so, without checking the dictionary, that presents a slighlyt different picture.

It brings up the question, vacate from what? Well let’s contemplate that. After all, inquiring minds want to know, right?

I’m typing this while taking “vacation”.  I am vacating from where I was and what I was doing and occupying someplace different and doing something else. But couldn’t I do that without traveling  two days to Florida and spending  eights days with my daughter and her family? I mean why spend all that time and money just to go on “vacation” when I could just do something else and occupy a different space without traveling over 1100 miles? Maybe I really don’t have to “do” anything or “go” anywhere to be on vacation.sometimes?  And going on “vacation” just  costs more than what you would normally spend if you just “vacated” at home?  Is this concept of vacation an American idea or does it really apply worldwide?  I mean do Hungarians or Turks go on vacation? Wouldn’t they like to vacate from where they are and what they’redoing as well….at least sometimes? The questions seem to be endless. The more I contemplate  this concept of vacation the more my brain hurts.

I hope you all know that this is just a funny way of doing a post. After all I am on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from where

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