Help needed for A/G churches hard hit by Sandy

I received this e-mail from our sectional Presbyter this morning and wanted to pass it along in  this blog. Though our Assemblies of God churches here in Central PA have not been adversely affected in most cases, the need from Sandy is great:


As Superstorm Sandy continues to impact the United States with rains, strong winds, heavy snowfall and flooding expected into
Thursday, the Assemblies of God has created a national Sandy
Disaster Relief fund to aid in meeting the massive need that is
already clearly evident.

According to reports, millions of American households along the East Coast are without power, thousands are living in make-shift shelters, thousands more are stranded and dozens have
perished. Sandy has already been estimated to be responsible for in excess of $10 billion in damages, with the storm still adding to its toll of destruction.

AG General Superintendent George O. Wood has a video
posted ( informing people about the opportunity to give to Sandy Disaster Relief. Funds  will be distributed to Convoy of Hope, which has already arrived in the Northeast, and AG Disaster Relief.

“It will be days or even weeks before power can be restored to
millions up and down the coast,” Wood states. “I am asking
Assemblies of God churches and congregations to join me in
prayer for those impacted by this storm. I also ask that individuals and churches consider giving to Sandy Disaster Relief.” Wood notes that rior to striking the U.S., Hurricane Sandy also struck Haiti and Cuba.

Due to the extreme number of power outages and damage to
phone lines and cell towers, some AG districts had difficulty reaching churches and their pastors. At post time, the Southern New England and Appalachian districts were unable to be reached and the Potomac, North Carolina, Pennsylvania-Delaware, Ohio and Michigan districts had no reports
of any significant damage at this point, though a church in the Ohio District did lose its steeple in high winds.

In the New Jersey District, Superintendent Carl Colletti’s office
reports that AG churches in Bayonne, Jersey City and Carlstadt have serious flood damage. Churches located in Atlantic City and the barrier islands are expected to also have experienced
flooding, but currently only emergency workers have been given access to the islands. Television footage, however, shows heavy flooding in the area. Colletti says that the major population areas of the state are mostly without power. He says the district is continuing to work on contacting churches and pastors by every means possible including social networking options such as Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging.

The Spanish Eastern District has reported an AG church in Brooklyn was nearly totally destroyed, with only the outside walls remaining. There is also concern about an Hispanic church in Atlantic City, an area that has experienced extensive flooding  however, they are unable to connect with the pastor at this time.

New York District Superintendent Duane Durst reports that so far a trio of AG churches ‹ Bellmore, Island Park and Howard Beach have suffered significant flooding in his district, with two churches on Staten Island experiencing some minor
flood and wind damage as well. He also reports a church in Hicksville lost part of its roof and had substantial water damage. Durst adds that power outages and lack of phone service is making contact with some churches and pastors

However, it is known that at least one AG  minister’s family has been heavily hit. According to Durst, Garry Patrylo Jr., a  certified AG minister in the New York District, lost his father to
cancer less than two weeks ago. On Friday (October 27), while cleaning  the halfway home his father ran, a solvent exploded and Patrylo received third-degree burns over much of his body. Rushed to the hospital,  and with his wife, Katherine (Kathy), there, Patrylo was having dead skin removed from his body and a temporary skin placed over  exposed flesh when Sandy made its assault on Monday. The flooding by  Sandy swept away the cottage behind the Patrylo’s home and their two cars. It also flooded their basement apartment, setting the house on fire,
with the water ultimately reaching the home’s first floor

“Garry and Kathy are also the parents of three young children
ages 3-and-a-half, 2 and 4 months . . . ” Durst adds, his voice
trailing off. According to Katherine’s Facebook page, Garry faces a long recovery.

“It’s clear that even if it’s impossible for someone to help financially at this time,” Wood says, “there are many who
desperately  need Christians around the world to lift them up in a chorus of prayer. For those who can assist financially, we need your help to tangibly extend  compassion and assistance to those in need now and in the weeks and months to  come.”

To give to the Sandy Disaster Relief fund, go to and click on the donate link. To watch the video message from Dr. George O. Wood, see Checks may
also be sent to the General Council of the Assemblies of God,
1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802 and write “Sandy
Disaster Relief” in the memo line.

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