Comfort food

Back in October, the pumpkins were everywhere: the big ones for carving and cooking, the little sweet pie pumpkins, and even my favorites –  the long-necked squash pumpkins. I was ecstatic when I found some of my favorite kind right across the street at the stand of a roadside vendor.  I bought one at the time, but they were a little pricy  for the quantity I wanted.

When I got home, I asked the Lord to provide a couple more pumpkins of any kind for canning since  my food budget was a little limited.  Nothing happened at that point. Pumpkin season passed and I pretty much forgot I’d even asked my Father for them.  But God never forgot.

This past week, my father-in-law passed away. The family had already made plans to come home for the day – partly because we wanted to get together like we did each year and partly hoping they could see dad alive one more time to say their last good-byes. But that’s not the way it worked out.

After we got the news of his passing on Wednesday morning, I had an especially difficult time getting things ready for our big family dinner. Thankfully, my children were bringing much of the food because I couldn’t focus on cooking. I think God knew I needed a special reminder of his love and care to help me through the holiday family time.

Thursday morning, my daughter and her brood arrived. As they got out of their van, six-year-old Sam struggled over to the porch carrying a large, orange pumpkin. Ten-year-old Jack brought another. Sam  proudly proclaimed that  his mommy couldn’t possibly cook  all her pumpkins  – she had one for each of her 7 children – so she sent me the two biggest ones to can.

I remembered asking my heavenly Father for some nice big pumpkins to can and suddenly felt hugged by God. At a time when I needed to know his presence and comfort the most, he sent me a tangible reminder that he cares about me and the details of my life.

Thank you Father! Amen.

“Enter his gates with thanks; enter his courtyards with praise! Thank him! Bless his name!  Because the LORD is good, his loyal love lasts forever; his faithfulness lasts generation after generation.”       Psalm 100:4-5 CEB



About Bonnie Winters

I am a Pastor's Wife, Mom, Grandmom, writer, and crafter who loves God with all my heart! Life has been an interesting Journey, so why not pull up a comfy chair, grab a cuppa your favorite beverage and let's just share awhile!
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