Prayer is an integral part of the Church’s ministry. We would be honored to pray for your needs.

To leave a prayer request, simply leave a comment below. Or if you wish to be more discreet, contact us  and we will pray.

2 Responses to E-Prayer

  1. Yrussell says:

    I run a group prayer meeting every Tuesday. Is it true that your church led a prayer meeting while David Wilkerson was reaching the gangs in New York. I can’t find any information written about this.

    • I spoke to one of the members of our congregation who was there when Brother Wilkerson was pastoring the church. Her memories are sketchy, but yes, the church did pray for him. Mary recalled praying around the altar while he was away and also recalled church members from other area Assemblies of God churches (Bellefonte/Milesburg and State College) coming to pray as well, especially Sunday evening. It was a small group, she said, but they were prayer warriors. There are only 2 living church members that I know of here who were part of the congregation when he was here. There may be others in the community, but I don’t know them. I hope this helps!

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