Austin Jones – Alaska

Austin and Jennifer Jones are graduates of Zion Bible College in MA. During his time at Zion, Austin took two trips to the Alaskan Bush country in the Yukon Delta region of Western Alaska.

Following their graduation from Bible College, the couple served as the resident director and campus pastor  for the American Indian College of the Assemblies of God in Phoenix, AZ. This proved to be an important step in their preparation for ministry among the Native Alaskans.

They are currently involved in revitalizing the Yukon Delta Assembly of God in Emmonak, AK and they hope to soon branch out to the villages within a 1,000 mile radius in the Yukon Delta region of western Alaska.

Please pray with them:

  • For God to continue pouring out his Holy Spirit in this area
  • For a move of repentance in the villages
  • For depression, hopelessness and suicide to be pushed back
  • For great joy to sweep across Alaska
  • For discipleship training for new believers
  • For health, protection and provision for their family
  • For spiritual strength and vitality among the pastors and missionaries in the area


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