Operation Christmas Child Resource Page

This page will feature ideas through the year to help you fill your boxes. Why wait until November to get started?  By making it a year round project, you will be surprised how many you can fill and how “painless” it can be!

It’s not too early to begin thinking about filling shoe boxes for next year.


Things you can make:

Make a lip balm holder necklace When you find those little tubes of chapstick on sale, consider dressing them up by crocheting these cute lip balm holder amulets with this free pattern.

Clip With Purpose is a blog dedicated to helping people fill shoe boxes All Year Long! The site’s editor offers money-saving deals from retailers, where to get current money-saving coupons for all sorts of items and she’ll even teach you how to use them most effectively!

For example, this week if you shop at Giant Eagle, you can end up with free tubes of Crest toothpaste and cheap tooth brushes!

Think you can  fill a shoe box for $10 or less?  Check our her challenge here.

And while you’re at it, why not visit a sister site – an Operation Christmas Child crafting corner community where the participants share patterns and ideas for making homemade gifts for their shoe boxes. What fun! I may have to try that out!

Check back here for new ideas each week or sign up for her Clip With Purpose newsletter.


Jessica from Clip With Purpose suggests keeping a  shoebox  spreadsheet through the year and when you buy something, list it in your “inventory”.  You will always know what you have and what you need yet – and best of all it helps keep you motivated to shop all year long for shoebox items!


How about doing a themed box? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • For Boys: fishing boxes, tool boxes, car boxes, sports boxes.
  • For Girls: sewing or  craft boxes, princess/doll boxes, an animal or horse themed box, or even a cake themed box.

Can you think of other ideas?



No wasted space!

Jessica from Clip With Purpose had this suggestion on a recent blog post:

The inside of the shoebox lid could be used for lots of things! Don’t let that area go to waste!

  • Tape your photo or a bible verse to the inside lid.  Tape you note to the child here, too.  So it won’t get lost or damaged!
  • Glue straws or pipe cleaners to the lid to create a tic tac toe board. I recommend tacky glue because it’s really strong.
  • Glue felt to the inside of the lid and cut out a little felt doll along with felt clothing pieces and accessories for a fun paper doll-type game.  Check out some felt story boards I did.
  • Create a maze using straws and pipe cleaners glued to the lid. Include a marble inside the box to use with the maze.
  • Make a car mat out of contruction paper and include a toy car inside the box!

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