Church Announcements and notes

Devotional Guides available

We have large print devotional guides available for January through March on t display table in the Fellowship Hall. Please feel free to take one.

We also have extra calendars with the church imprint in the Fellowship Hall on the display table. These may be given our to friends and family.

Supplies needed:

If you’d like to help out by purchasing some of the consumable supplies we use here at the church here is a list of the supplies we currently need:

  • Decaf Coffee
  • Stamps
  • Ice Melt (not rock salt)

Ongoing Needs:

Youth Leader We currently have a youth church class of 8-10 young people. We would  like to have an official youth group so our young people could participate in local and district events. Please see Pastor Dan if you are interested in helping out.

Worship Team If you enjoy singing or playing an instrument, see Pastor Dan about joining our Sunday Morning Worship Team. We currently need vocalists and a Drummer. Other instruments would be welcome as well.

Children’s Church Teams We currently have two teams in place to teach our Children’s Church group.  However, if your interests lie in Children’s Christian Education, we would love to have you as part of our Sunday Morning CE team to alternate Sundays with our existing teams. Please see Pastor Dan.

Bulletin Board Ministry A sign up sheet is located in the foyer next to the calendar for anyone wishing to do the foyer bulletin board this year. Why not consider signing up for a month or two and share your artistic talents with the church family?

Birthday Card Ministry Also, don’t forget to fill in the dates on the calendar on the board in the foyer with Birthdays, Anniversaries or any important dates you wish your church family to remember. These notes are transferred to the church calendar in the bulletins you receive at the beginning of each month and help us to share in those important events in your life. All are encouraged to send cards  or make phone calls to wish their church family members a happy event!

Speaking of the bulletin boards…. Don’t forget to check out the missionary letters on the Missions Wall at the rear of the sanctuary! There are many opportunities to minister in prayer for our missionaries overseas and at home.

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