Books for Missions

Bonnie Winters’ new Bible novel based on the life of Rahab, the prostitute of Jericho is now available! This is Bonnie’s mission project to help raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking and to raise funds for several Assemblies of God based organizations involved in the fight against this heinous crime.

Book synopsis: All Rahab has left are a few frayed threads of hope for escape from her life as a victim of sex trafficking in Jericho. But when God weaves those threads together, she gains a stout cord, strong enough to lift her from her darkest pit of doubt, despair, fear, pain and shame.

The same God who delivered Rahab can deliver modern day victims of sex trafficking.

You can help!

For each copy of the Bible novel Daughter of Scarlet, which is purchased, a portion of the purchase price is being donated to several missions’ organizations which aid trafficking victims including Project Rescue and Redemption Home (a 2011 Penn-Del District project).

The book may be purchased online through or or contact Bonnie for purchase information.

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