Chosen People Ministries – Jeff and Kathy Kipp

How are Israel, the Church and the Last Days tied together? Chosen People Representative Jeff Kipp spoke on this timely topic at Gospel Tabernacle Assembly of God on Sunday, May 6, 2012.

Born in “the most Jewish city in the world,” Brooklyn, NY, Jeff spent his teenage years as a long-haired Jewish hippie, searching for the meaning of life. His travels took him to a small Mew Mexico town where he met Dr. Michael Silverberg, a fellow New Yorker and Messianic Jew. As the two talked, Jeff became convinced that Jesus was his Messiah and prayed to receive Christ into his heart.

From that moment on, Jeff’s life changed. In 1979, he met his wife Kathy and moved to her home town, Minneapolis, where they became a part of the Messianic Jewish movement. After the couple married in 1982, Jeff helped to plant a new Messianic congregation, becoming its first elder and later the associate rabbi. During that time, he also worked with a ministry called “Good News for Israel” and made three trips to the Ukraine to minister to Jews there.

In 1993, Jeff and his family relocated to Pittsburgh where they planted two more Messianic congregations. Today they lead Congregation Yeshua Ben David which meets in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community of Squirrel Hill. He also ministers to churches throughout the area as a representative of Chosen People Ministries.

Throughout its one hundred year history, Chosen People Ministries has been committed to sharing the Gospel message with Jews throughout the world. They also help Christians achieve a greater appreciation for the Jewish roots of their faith.


Rabbi Kipp ministered on the topic of Israel, the church and the last days – a timely topic in light of the world events we see going on around us at this time. He reminded us again that as Christians, we cannot worship God without studying the Old Testament because it holds the keys to  prophecy through they types and pictures of the various celebrations of the Jews. And the Jews cannot find the fulfillment of their Old Testament Messiah without studying about the Christ of the New Testament.

Continue to pray for the peace of Israel and that many of our jewish brothers and sisters will find their Messiah through the ministries of Messianic missionaries like Rabbi Kipp and others from Chosen People Ministries.

For more information on the Kipps’ ministry with Chosen People, click here.

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